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Why choose m-Power for your supply chain and logistics?

The m-Power Development Platform is low-code software that lets anyone create web applications without coding. m-Power modernizes legacy systems, automates workflow, and provides a real-time view of your supply chain. Here are a few ways m-Power will help you:

Build anything

m-Power's versatility reduces the need for single-purpose software. Create custom budgeting, reporting, billing, portals, warehouse management, mobile apps, and much more--all from a single platform.

Escape legacy debt

Are you tied to legacy systems? m-Power's unique "extend-and-surround" approach to modernization eliminates risk and lets you modernize your applications without disrupting operations.

Bridge the skills gap

Does your team lack the skills to create web solutions? Because m-Power lets anyone create applications without coding, it turns your existing team into web developers.

Provide data visibility

Do you have trouble accessing data or reports? m-Power lets you create reports and dashboards that pull data from multiple data sources automatically.

Automate processes

Do you still rely on spreadsheets or paper-based processes? m-Power’s workflow designer lets you automate business processes that fit your exact needs.

Improve the customer experience

Have you provided your customers and trade partners with mobile apps or portals? m-Power creates secure portals and mobile apps easily, improving the customer experience.

See m-Power build web applications over your data in just 60 minutes

Try m-Power over your data

Overall it’s a big success. We have lots of information available now that just wasn’t possible beforehand. It is so much more than a BI tool, you can write a whole new system with m-Power. Basically, we can deliver anything now.

Matt Craig - Senior Technical Specialist at IBP Group

m-Power is the platform you need to...

Digitize your supply chain

Digitize your supply chain

Is your supply chain running on outdated systems that don't speak to each other? Does it rely on manual processes? These issues hurt data visibility and operational efficiency.

Digitize your supply chain and automate manual processes with the m-Power Development Platform. m-Power creates custom applications that fit your organization's needs, and integrate with your existing technology.

Create anything from a single platform

The m-Power Development Platform lets you create internal or external applications in days/weeks, all without coding. Use m-Power to create:

  • Supply Chain Portals
  • Reporting Applications
  • Management Dashboards
  • Invoicing and Billing Applications
  • Worklow Management
  • Mobile Apps
  • Inventory Management
  • ...and much more

Create anything from a single platform
Improve Data Visibility

Improve Data Visibility

It's hard to get a clear view of your supply chain when data is spread across multiple systems. Many organizations are forced to pull data out of different systems and combine it manually.

m-Power is the platform you need to bring data visibility to your organization. Create real-time BI and reporting applications that pull data from multiple sources and combine it automatically. Deliver real-time data to customers and trading partners through secure portals.

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