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Why choose m-Power for manufacturing analytics?

While other manufacturing analytics platforms provide reports and business intelligence, m-Power goes a step further. m-Power creates BI applications, automates business processes, builds portals, generates mobile apps, and delivers real-time reporting. Here are a few ways m-Power can help your organization:

Connect Disparate Data Sources

Is your data spread across multiple systems? Do you rely on spreadsheets to pull large amounts of data together? Let m-Power connect your disparate data and provide a single version of the truth.

Extend your ERP system

Does your ERP system perfectly fit your needs? m-Power lets you extend your ERP system with custom capabilities (like reporting or mobile apps), without altering the underlying system.

Deliver mobile data access

What if you could access real-time data from any mobile device on your shop floor? m-Power creates responsive web applications that work across all tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

Use across your whole business

With no user or distribution fees, m-Power scales easily across your business. Thanks to m-Power's point-and-click interface, anyone in your organization can create reports in minutes.

Bring real-time data to your shop floor

Improve operational efficiency with real-time, shop floor dashboards. Display key performance indicators throughout your shop floor so employees know where they stand.

Create solutions that fit your business

m-Power creates custom reports faster than it takes to deploy off-the-shelf software. The advantage: Your analytics applications work the way you do, not the other way around.

See m-Power build a report over your data in just 60 minutes

Try m-Power over your data

Overall it’s a big success. We have lots of information available now that just wasn’t possible beforehand. It is so much more than a BI tool, you can write a whole new system with m-Power. Basically, we can deliver anything now.

Matt Craig - Senior Technical Specialist at IBP Group

I can now do five projects in the time that I would have done one project.

Roisin Bowen - Systems Developer at Autochair

We've really managed a huge return on our investment because we haven't needed a specific developer for these reporting needs.

Andrew Gilbert - IT Director at Showplace Wood Products

m-Power is the tool you need to...

Pull data from multiple sources into one report with m-Power

Gain a full view of your business

It’s hard to get a clear view of your manufacturing processes and supply chains when data is spread across multiple systems. Many organizations are forced to pull data out of different systems and combine everything manually.

m-Power automates this process--delivering real-time BI apps, dashboards, and reports that pull data from multiple data sources automatically. With m-Power, you can deliver a clear view of your entire manufacturing lifecycle.

Extend your ERP system

Many manufacturing organizations rely on ERP systems that don't perfectly fit their needs. The problem is, customizing an ERP system is expensive and locks them into their current version.

Using a unique "extend-and-surround" approach, m-Power bypasses these challenges. It lets you build custom features and capabilities (like mobile apps, reporting, budgeting, etc...) over your existing system, without altering the ERP itself.

Extend your ERP system
Accomplish more with your current resources

Deliver custom applications in hours/days

m-Power lets you create your own reports and dashboards in-house, faster than it would take to deploy an off-the-shelf solution. With m-Power, you’ll create BI applications in hours or days instead of weeks--using your existing team and skills.

Autochair's 3-person IT department needed to deliver a trade portal, reporting solution, sales tools, and a diary booking system within 18 months. They adopted m-Power to improve their development speed and help their team meet this difficult goal. Autochair not only met their goals within the first year, they now plan to also create sales apps for their mobile staff, a CRM system, and reporting dashboards.

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Manufacturing Analytics Case Study: Showplace Wood Products

Because their Friedman Frontier ERP system didn’t fit their reporting needs, Showplace Wood Products had to rely on manual reporting processes. They were stuck manually entering and extracting data from their ERP system, which slowed down their operations and began to limit the number of cabinets they could physically produce. Read this case study to learn how they used the m-Power Development Platform to create custom reporting over their ERP system.


Automated data delivery from their ERP system to their cutting department, eliminating 20 hours of manual data entry every week.

Created all of their applications using their current staff and skills, avoiding the need to hire a full-time developer.

Delivered tablet applications with real-time ERP data access to employees on the shop floor--helping them meet their goal of 100% daily shipping.

Read Case Study

What can you create with m-Power?

Financial Reporting Portal

Financial Reporting

Create financial reporting applications that are customized to your precise business needs. Deliver P&L statements, balance sheets, cash flow applications, and more.

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Shop-floor Dashboards

Bring real-time data to your employees with shop floor dashboards. Display KPI dashboards on monitors throughout your shop floor to optimize the production process and meet business goals.

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Shop Floor Dashboard
Production Reporting

Production Reporting

Automate your production reporting with m-Power. Generate and distribute reports on a schedule, or based on changes in data.

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Reporting Portals

Create secure portals for easy access to reports, dashboards, and analytics. Secure portals by user or role, so every employee can only see the data they’re authorized to access.

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manufacturing portal
Manufacturing Mobile apps

Mobile Apps

Deliver secure, real-time data to your shop floor via smartphones and tablets. Because m-Power creates responsive web applications, every report you create works on all devices.

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Workflow automation

Most manufacturing analytics software will simply deliver data. m-Power takes it a step further with workflow automation, which lets you use data to trigger workflow events.

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Workflow Automation

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