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Why do software consultants choose m-Power?

Software consultants and developers use m-Power because it gives them a competitive advantage. m-Power lets them focus more of their time on high-value activities, rather than tedious coding. m-Power helps developers and consultants create solutions faster and provide more value to their clients. Here are a few ways m-Power can help you:

Deliver projects faster

Spend less time coding and more time shipping solutions. m-Power lets you deliver solutions 5-10 times faster.

Offer more value

Open yourself up to wider range of projects. m-Power augments your existing skills, helping you take on projects beyond your skillset.

Integrate with anything

Applications built with m-Power play well with others. Easily integrate with other software systems and applications.

Build secure solutions

Deliver secure solutions automatically. m-Power applications come with enterprise-class security baked in.

Customize as needed

Because m-Power generates industry-standard code, it doesn't lock you down. m-Power even lets you customize the underlying application code, or include custom code.

Use future-proof architecture

m-Power's open architecture works with any database/system, and runs on-premise or in the cloud. Generated applications are built with open-source frameworks and libraries.

See m-Power build an application over your data in just 60 minutes

Try m-Power over your data

Another aspect of m-Power is the speed at which we can produce most of the applications. If the data is in the proper format in our tables--and it generally is--then all we need to do is pick tables and choose columns through m-Power's menu driven interface. Now, we can actually build applications in hours instead of weeks.

Hayes Howard, ComPair Data's Founder and CEO

m-Power is the tool you need to...

Gain a competitive advantage with m-Power

Gain a competitive advantage

As a software consultant, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Service? Communication? Quality? Everyone says that. If you truly want to set yourself apart, you need to beat the competition in at least one of two areas: Speed and/or price.

With m-Power, you gain a speed advantage over your competition. Because m-Power eliminates coding, you can deliver applications 5-10 times faster than traditional hand coders. This gives you a significant advantage over your competition when bidding for a project.

Accept a wider variety of projects

As a software consultant, you're limited to any project that fits within your existing skillset. But, what if you could open up your potential project pool instantly...without spending months learning new skills?

With the m-Power Development Platform, you augment your existing skills with m-Power's capabilities. With just a five-day learning curve, m-Power adds new skills to your toolbox...and widens your available project pool.

Accept a wider variety of projects
Adapt to trends on the fly

Adapt to trends on the fly

Do you struggle to keep up with new technologies, tactics, and trends? You'd love to learn the latest framework, library, language, etc..., but who has the time?

With m-Power, you can keep up with the latest technology without spending any of your valuable time. We're constantly enhancing m-Power, ensuring that it's always current and up-to-date with the latest trends.

I can now do five projects in the time that I would have done one project. I like having the freedom to quickly build and design solutions that work well for the business and can do whatever I want, even linking into other technologies or using APIs for extra functionality. I want to deliver the best for our business and with m-Power this is possible.

Roisin Bowen, Systems Developer at Autochair

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