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Why do software vendors choose m-Power?

Software vendors use m-Power because it makes their software better, without breaking the bank. From architecture to licensing, we built m-Power with software companies in mind. Here are a few reasons why other software vendors choose m-Power:

Friendly licensing

There are no run-time, user, or distribution fees. You can distribute and resell m-Power applications with no extra fees.

Seamless integration

m-Power seamlessly integrates with your existing software. You can white-label or rebrand m-Power so it looks and feels like your software.

No lock-in

m-Power's open architecture doesn't tie you to any vendor, database, or platform. It generates industry-standard, open code that runs anywhere.

Constant enhancements

We're constantly improving m-Power so it remains on the cutting edge of technology.

Rapid development

Deliver applications faster with m-Power's unique "building-block" approach to development. It eliminates coding and improves development speed by 50 - 80%.

Unlimited customization

While m-Power's build process speeds up development, it doesn't lock you down. You can also add custom code or edit the generated code directly.

See m-Power build an application over your data in just 60 minutes

Try m-Power over your data

Another aspect of m-Power is the speed at which we can produce most of the applications. If the data is in the proper format in our tables--and it generally is--then all we need to do is pick tables and choose columns through m-Power's menu driven interface. Now, we can actually build applications in hours instead of weeks.

Hayes Howard, ComPair Data's Founder and CEO

m-Power is the tool you need to...

Close a higher percentage of qualified prospects

Close a higher percentage of qualified prospects

Suppose you have a great prospect, but your software is lacking one of their required features. In most cases, this is a deal-breaker. Not with m-Power.

With m-Power, you can add features to your software on the fly. Create an offering completely tailored to the prospect’s needs, giving you a far better chance of closing the deal.

Keep customers longer

Over time, your customer's needs evolve. Industry regulations change. Unless your software changes right along with them, you're bound to lose some customers along the way.

Now, what if your customers could add new features over your software as needed--without altering your software at all? When packaged with your existing software, m-Power lets your customers extend and surround your software to fit their ever-changing needs.

Keep customers longer
Adapt to trends on the fly

Adapt to trends on the fly

Do you struggle to keep up with new technologies, tactics, and trends? You'd love to learn the latest framework, library, language, etc..., but who has the time?

m-Power adds a tactical aspect to application software--letting vendors augment their software with new features and capabilities as needed. Using m-Power, application software vendors can adapt their software to current and future technology trends as they happen.

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SaaS Vendor Case Study

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, ComPair Data, relied on outside developers for application development. As a result, development projects were expensive and time-consuming--often requiring weeks to develop an application. Read this case study to learn how they used m-Power to bring development in-house and shorten their development process from weeks to hours.


Reduced new application development time from weeks to hours

Provided current employees with the tools necessary to develop web applications in-house

Improved customer service response times

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