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Why choose m-Power for APIs and Web Services?

The m-Power Development Platform lets you create and consume APIs and web services easily--all without coding. Here are a few reasons to choose m-Power for APIs:


Deliver web services in minutes, using m-Power's model-driven build process.


No coding required! Build quickly using a simple point-and-click interface.


Secure your web services with basic authentication, API keys, or bearer tokens.


With no user or distribution fees, m-Power scales easily across your entire business.


m-Power's open architecture works with any database/system, and runs on-premise or in the cloud.


m-Power is more than an API tool. It builds web apps, automates processes, and so much more!

See m-Power build an application over your data in just 60 minutes

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We are really able to fine tune m-Power to match our business processes. You just can’t get that from out-of-the-box software.

Sharon Hadley, Systems Analyst at Pearl Buck Center

Another aspect of m-Power is the speed at which we can produce most of the applications. If the data is in the proper format in our tables--and it generally is--then all we need to do is pick tables and choose columns through m-Power's menu driven interface. Now, we can actually build applications in hours instead of weeks.

Hayes Howard, Founder and CEO of ComPair Data

Overall it’s a big success. We have lots of information available now that just wasn’t possible beforehand.

Matt Craig, Senior Technical Specialist at IBP

m-Power is the development software you need to...

Accomplish more with your current resources

Deliver web services and APIs in hours/days

m-Power lets you create your own solutions in-house, using your current team and skills. m-Power's model-driven, point-and-click interface means that anyone can build APIs in hours or days instead of weeks. m-Power removes the complexity of creating web services and APIs.

Include custom business logic

m-Power lets you add business logic to your APIs to meet any business requirement. Custom logic can be used to validate input parameters, transform responses to suit requirements, and even call other APIs. With m-Power, you create custom web services that fit your organization 100%.

Solutions that fit your business
Rock-solid security

Add all the security features you need

m-Power makes API security simple. Secure your web services and APIs with basic authentication, API keys, and bearer tokens. On top of that, m-Power also offers security features like multi-tenant security, SSO authentication, role-based access control, user management, and more!

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Video: Create a RESTful API in 5 minutes with m-Power

Watch this video to learn how easily you can create web services and APIs with m-Power. In just 5 minutes, we'll create a web service with m-Power and access it in a third-party web app.

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