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Why choose m-Power for web scheduling applications?

The m-Power Development Platform lets you create scheduling applications, shipping calendars, vacation request calendars, HR calendars, and much more--all without coding. Here are a few reasons to choose m-Power for web scheduling applications:


Deliver portals in hours, using m-Power's model-driven build process.


m-Power's open architecture works with any database and integrates with most systems.

Event-Triggered Messaging

Create scheduling apps that send email/sms messages based on pre-determined schedules or triggers.


With no user or distribution fees, m-Power scales easily across your entire business.


m-Power automatically creates cross-platform applications with every build process.


Include security features like single sign-on, multi-tenant security, user privilege parameters and more.

See m-Power build an application over your data in just 60 minutes

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The best part is, after just a few weeks of having this Web application, we began to streamline the process. Not having to create these manual processes began to free up our time and allowed us to take a fresh perspective.

Marcus Barkey, IT Manager at Prettl Electric

With m-Power, we’ve consolidated our data into a secure web portal where each department can easily access the data and reports they require in seconds.

Paul Millard, IT Manager at Renzi Foodservice

We are really able to fine tune m-Power to match our business processes. You just can’t get that from out-of-the-box software.

Sharon Hadley, Systems Analyst at Pearl Buck

Case Study: Prettl Electric

Prettl Electric relied on spreadsheets to manage their shipping schedules, but this method couldn't scale with their business. Read this case study to learn how they replaced their spreadsheet-based shipping schedule with a web-based scheduling app using m-Power.


Displays real-time data to their plants across the world

Their new web-based shipping schedule will scale up to meet their needs

Eliminated double data entry and manual calculations

Read Case Study

Video: Create a custom, web-based scheduling calendar in 10 minutes

Watch this video to learn how easily you can create custom scheduling applications for your business. We'll start with a scheduling spreadsheet and turn it into a web-based scheduling calendar, complete with mobile access, email notifications, color coding, and more!

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Web Portal Demos

Check out these web portal demos that were created with m-Power.

Shipping Calendar Demo
Shipping Calendar

This order shipment application lets employees create and update shipments using a calendar interface.

View Demo
Helpdesk Calendar Demo
Helpdesk Calendar

This helpdesk calendar lets customer service employees assign and maintain helpdesk tickets.

View Demo
HR Vacation Request Calendar Demo
Vacation Request Calendar

This HR calendar lets users request vacation days, and lets supervisors log in and approve/deny the requests.

View Demo

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