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Why choose m-Power to bring your spreadsheets to the web?

The m-Power Development Platform brings your spreadsheets to the web using a simple and secure method. m-Power converts your spreadsheets into a database table, and then lets you build any type of application over the top. This approach delivers advantages like:

Data Control

m-Power gives businesses control over spreadsheet data and user access, and offers advanced security options.


m-Power lets businesses create all types of web (and mobile web) apps over their data--opening data access from any web-connected device.

More Options

Create any type of application over your data, like reports, dashboards, workflow applications, mobile apps, and much more.


With no user or distribution fees, m-Power scales easily across your entire business.


Deploy m-Power applications on premise or run in the cloud. Port easily between the two.


Include security features like single sign-on, multi-tenant security, user privilege parameters and more.

See m-Power build an application over your data in just 60 minutes

Try m-Power over your data

Our former unwieldy, Excel-based budgeting process involved much rekeying. Our new m-Power solution works at all the levels we require, complete with automated projections and comparisons year on year.

Simon Hiles, IT Manager at Carrington Workwear Ltd.

There is no need for countless spreadsheets, you can go straight to the information you need.

Richard Johnson, Finance Director at Hutchinsons

All our critical reporting can now be delivered in real-time to our users' browsers with m-Power.

Andrew Rockey, Head of IT at Philip Dennis Foodservice
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Case Study: Carrington Workwear

Carrington Workwear turned to m-Power to replace their spreadsheet-based processes with web solutions.


Can now provide instant access to critical management information directly from their ERP system

Replaced a paper and spreadsheet system with a database solution, saving time formerly spent manually rekeying data

International offices can now access real-time production plans and order data, saving emails and phone calls

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